Author’s Biography

Helena Steel

In 2001 – 2002 Helena handled her final Change Program – the Ansett Airlines collapse.

She was given 5 Hours notice to create a call centre of 30 Human Resources staff to handle the calls of 17,000 redundant employees. After the collapse she continued to work with the Ansett Administrators to close the airline, describing this as “her own watershed year that changed her career and life”, from ‘Terminator to Transformer’. Some of her business roles have included; Director and Principal Coach for a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), with her final role at Ansett – General Manager Human Resources – Ansett AAES.  She has had over 25 years of change management and Human Resources experience within corporate roles.

Today, she owns Career Values Pty Ltd, and She now prefers to work on the other side of change management, supporting individuals and organisations in the midst of change.

She has a Masters Degree in Change Management and a Graduate Diploma in Industrial Relations and Human Resources Management. She is a qualified Workplace and Executive Coach, Fellow of the Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI), and a Professional Member of both the National Speakers Association Australia (NSAA), and The Career Development Association Australia (CDAA).

Helena lives in Melbourne, Australia with her husband and daughter, and loves to volunteer as a Dog Obedience Instructor on most Sundays, at her local Dog Club.